Understanding Casino Slot Machines

Casino slot machines were originally installed to keep housewives from being bored while waiting for their husbands playing at the gaming tables. These machines are so easy to use because they were designed for women of the house who knew next to nothing about gambling. All they have to do is insert a coin and pull a lever that spins three reels. And if the spinning reels stop at a particular combination of numbers or images, the machine spits out their winnings. Casino slot machines turned out to be such a colossal success that these became the most popular casino game ever and accounted for more than half of the gaming profits in America.

Over the years, casino slot machines remained the undisputed king of the gaming floor. Keeping up with the modern times, technology introduced some improvements to these popular gaming machines, like replacing their mechanical random number generators with a programmable computer controlled brain. In lieu of buckets of coins in case of jackpot, the player may ask the machine to just print out a receipt which he may encash at the casino cage cashier. A spin button was also added which gives the players the convenient alternative of pressing the button to spin the reels or that old time favorite of yanking the lever of the "one armed bandit."

The house has the odds in its favor in every game - including casino slot machines, which are programmed with a payout percentage following house game rules and a hit frequency. The computer brain of the slot machine generates random numbers that correspond to combinations of images on the reels. Pulling the lever or pushing the spin button of the casino slot machine just instructs the machine to display the combination of images that correspond to the random numbers generated by the casino slot machine. Because of the randomness of the numbers generated by the machine's computer brain, each spin of the reels is totally independent of previous or succeeding spins.

This means that a casino slot machine that just gave a big payout or even a jackpot at the last spin may possibly give another big payout at the next spin. Inversely, a machine that has not given any payout for the longest time does not mean that it is "due to hit" at the next spin. It is a good thing to remember in playing casino slot machines that pulling the lever or pushing the spin button or the number of coins you put in casino slot machine do not affect in any way the numbers that are generated by it computer brain. In the same token, playing faster do not influence the outcome of the random numbers, so it is to your best advantage that you slow down a bit to conserve your bankroll and enjoy the game longer.