Taking Advantage of Comps

You think comp is free, but most players think otherwise, comps are not free. To some extent, majority of casino guests play the slot machines and with this comes the big house advantage that prevails. A set-up like this, make comps advantage minimal. Usually players pay their losses with comps. With a scenario like this, a player needs to know more about comps. Following are tips to follow.

Regardless of game a player is playing, whether on a slot machine or in blackjack table, there will be free beverages (softdrinks or coffee) and at times free alcohol. A casino needs to fraternities with its customers and giving comps makes it easier. Comps will spring up customer loyalty. A player needs to fill up a "slot club card". This enables the casino to enter a player's name to its database. While playing casino game, the card may be slide down to a writer or be given to a pit supervisor while playing.

Once a player has signed up a card, comps will come in various forms. As players play the slot machines points are accumulated and build up as the games grow in numbers. These points can be redeem and exchange for cash back. Some casinos give the cash on the same day the player played while others cash vouchers are issued in place of cash and the player needs to return to the casino to claim it. Cash back is the most popular comp casino gives but other form of comp includes a valet parking free, free meal, hotel room stay, golf range use, even free jet service are offered if you played much. Table games are excluded to cash back.

A casino host get track of a player gambling activities such as games played, total gaming time and bet wage and compute your mathematical loss and this correspond to comp awarded a player. This is the time blackjack's strategy players take advantage of the comps. Normal house edge in blackjack is between 2 to 2.5 percent. If a player stays longer at the table and wages about $1,000 the mathematical loss of a player run between $20 to $25 and the average comp range is $2 to $10. Moreover a house advantage of 0.5% or is reachable for basic strategy players if the table is favorable.

Be sure to ask for your comp while playing. Always ask a host about your comp standing whether it is sufficient for a meal comp before you ask a supervisor for one. Keep track of your mails. Traditional practice of casinos is to send mail for free meal ticket, additional cash vouchers, and free rooms so open your mail. The aim of these mails is for you to return to the casino again to play. These are the basic tips a player should know about comp.